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Farmers Market Food Access Programs

The Spokane Farmers’ Market accepts SNAP/EBT, EBT cards are swiped at the Market Manager booth in exchange for tokens to be spent at the market. EBT dollars are stretched with Market Match dollars. For each market day, when EBT is used, the state provides up to $25 in MARKET MATCH dollars, the Spokane Farmers Market provides an additional $15 in CARROT CASH dollars. 

Participating vendors at the Spokane Farmer's Market accept WIC and Senior FMNP. This year, instead of issuing $4 certificates, WIC and Senior FMNP recipients will be issued QR codes on their cards. Participating vendors will scan this QR code at the market when qualifying items are being purchased. 

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SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Program, EBT is the card that is used to purchase food items.


At our market SNAP/EBT can be used to purchase anything you would at the grocery store including fruit, vegetables, herbs, starter plants that will produce food, seeds, baked goods, dairy, jams & jellies, honey, eggs, meat/poultry, nuts and mushrooms. 

>> Click here to learn more about SNAP

SNAP Market Match

SNAP Market Match is a bonus program to SNAP/EBT  and allows participants to buy additional fruits, vegetables, herbs, and plant starts just at Farmers Markets!

The state provides Market match up to $25 a day, and the Spokane Farmers Market will match up to an additional $15. So for example, if you request $40 in EBT tokens, it will be matched by up to $40 in currency to spend at the market on fruits and vegetables.​


Go to our information booth and tell us you’d like SNAP Market Match. Swipe your EBT card for the amount you want to spend and you will receive that amount in EBT tokens AND the same amount up to $25 in SNAP Market Match dollars. 


Note the the daily cap available for SNAP Market Match participants moved to $25/day starting January 1, 2023

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WIC & Senior FMNP

WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs (Senior FMNP) run June thru Oct 31. Participants can buy local, fresh and unprocessed fruits, vegetables and cut herbs with their WIC FMNP benefits. Senior FMNP can also buy honey. 

>> Click here for information on how to qualify and apply for WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program

>> Click here for information on how to qualify and apply for WIC senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

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