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Vendor Resource



We are close to capacity, if you are interested in being a vendor, please send us a note before filling out an application and tell us what your product(s) is. If it is a product that there is still a need for we will ask you to fill out an application. 


Selling space at the market is mostly reserved for farmers. Limited space may be allotted to non-farm vendors who share the Association’s interest in promoting the consumption of healthy foods made with locally produced ingredients whenever possible and/or who enhance the market in a related way. Please read the vendor rules before completing an application. 

- Acceptance to the market will be decided by the Board of Directors.

- Applications require a $25 non-refundable application fee. 
- Market fees are not due until acceptance. 

- Please mail application and application fee to: 
Spokane Farmers Market, PO Box 1103, Spokane, WA 99210

For questions email us at

NRCS Announces $75 Million to Assist Producers Transitioning to Organic Production >Link to USDA site for more information

GENERAL GUIDE: WSFMA Washington State Farmers Market Association

The Spokane Farmers' Market is a member of WSFMA. Above is a link to their vendor resource page, you will find a great deal of useful information here from how to set up a booth to what permits are needed to food safety considerations and regulations.


LOCAL HEALTH REGULATIONS: SRHD Spokane Regional Health Dept.

Ready to eat food served on site requires a Temporary Food Permit issued by SRHD. The SRHD will conduct an on-site inspection.



Vendors are required to carry insurance with the Spokane Farmers' Market listed as the certificate holder. Campbell Risk Management is recommended as they have developed insurance policies for farmers markets and their vendors. For a list of other insurance agencies that the WSFMA recommends please go to their vendor resource page.


MULTIPLE CURRENCIES There are several ways that shoppers can pay at the market. Our local regional lead for all things related to food access programs is Carolyn Knowles, she can be reached at


> Cash/Debit/Credit – these transactions are preferably managed by the vendors at their booth. If a vendor is unable to process card transactions, the market manager can run cards, there is a 5% transaction fee.


> WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition programs (FMNP) – run jointly by the DOH Dept of Health and WSDA Washington State Dept of Agriculture

Growers need to submit applications
to be eligible to accept purchases. Deadline for returning vendors is April 1, deadline for new vendors is July 1. 

Eligible clients have their cards loaded each month. Cash value benefit (CVB) are now accepted at farmers market and are included in the WIC benefit. 

New electronic format. Attached document has in-depth information.

In the past clients were given $4 checks to be used, but this changed to an electronic format that is accepted at the vendor booth. Participating vendors must register with the WSDA to be eligible to accept payments. Note that the market manager cannot run these transactions. 


WIC eligible foods include fresh fruit, vegetables and cut herbs, WIC senior can also purchase honey.

> SNAP, SNAP Market Match- Run by the Dept of Health DOH

Eligible clients will swipe their cards at the market manager information booth and be given tokens to spend, vendors redeem the tokens with the market manager.


SNAP eligible foods include fresh fruit, vegetables, cut hers, plants that grow foods, food seeds, bread, dairy, baked goods, jams & jellies, syrup & honey, meat/fish/poultry, nuts and mushrooms.


SNAP Market Match can only be spent at a farmers market. Eligible products include fresh fruit, vegetables, cut herbs, mushrooms, plants that grow seeds and food seeds.

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