Credit/Debit Card Use

The Spokane Farmers' Market accepts Visa and Mastercard  in order that customers will be able to shop using their credit or debit cards.

The way this works is this: Card holders go to the Community Nutrition Education Program booth at the market where there is a terminal for swiping their cards (it is not possible to have each vendor use individual machines). You swipe your card, enter your PIN or sign and enter a desired amount of purchase dollars. You then receive wooden tokens worth $1 or $5 each, which are usable like cash at virtually all Spokane Farmers' Market vendor stands.

Vendors will redeem the tokens they collect during each market day and receive payment for the products sold.

Though a convenience to customers, please keep in mind that usage of the cards costs the vendors approximately 3% of the money you spend due to fees from the credit card agencies. To keep as much money local and going to the farmers, we encourage the use of cash or check whenever feasible.